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Monday, November 28, 2011

Calling All Living Donors - New Survey

The Holiday Season is upon us and it's the time of year that we all start thinking about the past year and how fortunate we are. In these difficult times financially it is important to remember the things that we may have had to sacrifice are definitely replaced by those things that are true to our heart!

For all living Kidney Donors, I hope you will take a few minutes out of your schedule to take the survey below on after donation follow up care. It honestly just takes 3 minutes and it will help give us all better ideas of how we can make the living kidney donors follow up process a better one!
Cut and paste the following URL in your browser:


I would obviously love to see more people come forward and be a living kidney donor since I am convinced that is the only way we can reduce the waiting list. But I also have respect for those who would like to, but make the decision not to. It is a personal choice and only each individual can determine what it right for them. For me, I would do again if I could.

But what we all can think about this Holiday season are the small things that mean so much. It feels at times that our society has become so selfish in general that we just don't think about how important the small things are.

Share a smile just because...

Give a dollar to someone homeless and not judge what they will do with it.

Make an extra Holiday dish and share it with someone who might not be able to provide or cook on their own.

Go to the dollar store and buy a few little items to donate to children for the Holiday.

Think of someone who would love to come to your home and share a holiday meal with you and your family.

These things don't "cost" us anything but they can make such a huge difference in someones life.

Donate cell phones that you no longer need to the retailer where you have your services so they can give to a soldier in need.

Take some things that you no longer need, fun jewelry, little china items and donate them to a nursing home to be used as prizes for games that they play.

Donate blood.

I promise you that just making one small difference to someone, makes a big difference over all. I wish you and your family and friends the happiest of Holidays!


angela stimpson said...

Beautiful... just like you.

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They don't cost us and may make someone very happy therefore it is essential we think and try doing some of them.There are so many suffering in this world.