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Monday, May 26, 2014

Four Years After Donating

It has been four years since I donated.  Actually, 4 years and 1 month.  I have been so bad about not blogging lately.

Four years and just had my creatine level checked and it's the same as when I donated.  That's always good news to hear.  So I'll mention it yet again...once your check-ups with the transplant facility are over you need to be responsible to yourself and make sure you have this checked every year!

I am still working with many people who are interested in donating and want someone not affiliated  with the the hospital to talk with.  Many interesting contacts lately.  A word of caution to anyone who receives an email offering money to donate a kidney.  DO NOT even think about.  It's against the law and you have no idea who you might be dealing with.  I have gotten several from many different countries.  I guess they didn't do their research since I already donated and I'm not about to give the other one up....yet...although I am an organ donor...go figure!

I am still amazed how so many people needing a kidney have not been educated as to the possibility of a living donor.  I was in the airport in Pittsburgh...I know...I had to go for business...and this beautiful, older woman in wheel chair noticed my living donor tag on my carry on.  She looked up at me said "what is a living donor"?  So of course any opportunity to talk about kidneys and I am SO there!  I explained to her that I donated a kidney.  The look on her face was priceless.  She then went on to explain that her nephew was on dialysis and how he was waiting for a deceased donor.  She said no one ever mentioned that he could have a living donor. 

Yep, I replied...I am one of many.  She was fascinated and asked me about the living donor process and how to go about it.  I explained that if someone was healthy enough and willing to donate to him, even if they weren't  a match that they could be involved in a kidney pairing.  She then invited me to have coffee with her while waiting for our plane to arrive.  It was a joy to see the light and excitement in her voice and on her face.  I wrote down for her the information for the Living Kidney Donor Alliance web site, founded by Harvey Myself, my transplant hero so that she could have her nephew read all of the incredible articles on the site.  I also encouraged her to contact him with any questions.

When we were ready to board the plane she looked at me and said..."God works in amazing ways doesn't he?"  I swear I wanted to cry right there...and I just looked at her and said "you have no idea."