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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Season of Joy

This is the time of year that we share the holidays with our loved ones, friends and family. Spending time and reflecting on past traditions, memories of those who are no longer with us and treating people just a bit kinder than the rest of the year. I only wish we would behave this way throughout the year. With the tragedy that sturck New Town, Conneticut, we are all left asking how...and why? Twenty amazing children and six incredible adults gone...taken away from their loved ones and family. It was and always will be my mission to give the gift of life and when devestation hits like this...it sickens me. My fear is that our society has become immune to the life of others, respecting the gift of life...sharing with others...and simply caring about other people. I don't have the answers, I wish I did. I just see a trend that I find frightening. Not trying to take the joy out of the Holidays. But hope that all of you will treat your families, loved ones, friends, people you don't know with just a little more kindness a gesture for those who have less and to remember how blessed we are to have our children, families with us. Because the greatest gift is...the gift of life.